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Rykä gym shoes and training shoes are designed with our signature Made for Women fit featuring a narrower heel, roomier forefoot, increased step volume, and a more secure footbed to meet a woman’s unique needs at every step – because your feet are different than his. Rykä’s training shoes feature cutting-edge technology like RE-ZORB® responsive cushioning, Pivot Points for easy movement, and anatomically shaped insoles for extra arch and heel support. These trainers give you the perfect mix of style and performance. From high-impact cross-training to low-impact dance and studio workouts, you’ll find yourself wearing Rykä training shoes again and again.

What is a Training Shoe good for?

Training shoes are good for high intensity workouts, strength training, weightlifting, sport agility training and essentially all your workout needs. Training shoes are designed for stability, quick movements, and pivots during your workouts. Rykä training shoes have RE-ZORB® responsive cushioning for impact protection and shock absorption. Rykä outsoles include a pivot point for smooth and easy turns during all studio and exercise classes like Jazzercise®. Check out our selection of Rykä training shoes for all your gym and workout needs.