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Dive right in with Rykä water shoes featuring our signature Made for Women fit. Whether you are searching for beach shoes, swim shoes, river shoes or pool shoes, we have you covered. Our Hydro Splash Water Shoe and Hydro Sport Water Shoe are the best shoes for all water activities because they have multi-port drainage systems, quick-drying fabrics, and sticky rubber soles for extra traction on wet surfaces. Make a splash at your favorite water aerobics class, the river or pool, your next paddle boarding or kayaking trip, and more!


What are water shoes?

Water shoes are designed for use in and around water. They are typically made of fast-drying materials and have a non-slip sole to provide better traction on wet surfaces.

Water shoes are perfect for activities such as swimming, kayaking, water aerobics and beach walking. They protect your feet from sharp objects and rocks, provide traction on slippery surfaces and allow you to comfortably walk in and out of the water.

Ryka offers a variety of great water shoes for women, such as the Hydro Sport and Hydro Splash. These styles are designed with a quick-drying upper, a non-slip sole and extra toe protection which make them perfect for water activities.


Can I swim in water shoes?

Yes, you can absolutely swim in water shoes. Water shoes are designed to be worn in and around water and provide protection for your feet while you swim.


What shoes should I wear in water?

When searching for water shoes, it's important to consider the type of activity you'll be doing and where you'll be doing it. For example, if you'll be doing more strenuous activities like water aerobics, you'll want a shoe with a more secure fit and better support.

In addition to protecting your feet, water shoes also provide a more comfortable experience by keeping your feet cool, providing support and traction, and allowing your feet to dry quickly.


Made for Women:

Ryka is proud to be the first brand ever to create athletic shoes with comfort technology specifically for a woman’s unique foot shape, muscle movement and build. Ryka shoes are designed with a wider forefoot for extra stability, a narrower heel for a more secure fit, shock absorption meticulously tested for more bounce, flexibility & energy return as well as a contoured flexible cushioning that has been fine-tuned for a woman’s body weight. We know that women need the right stability and support to enhance performance and minimize the risk of injury, so that’s why Ryka is still the only athletic shoe company solely dedicated to women; because our feet are different than his. Check out our About Us page to learn more!