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Rykä strides ahead in the realm of women’s walking sneakers, where each pair is crafted with our signature Made for Women fit, embracing the unique anatomy of a woman's foot and ensuring ultimate support for every step of your journey. Rykä walking shoes and sneakers are designed with a narrower heel, roomier forefoot, increased step volume, and a more secure footbed to meet a woman’s unique needs at every step – because your feet are different than his. Whether it's a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood or a brisk power walk, Rykä's walking shoes for women are engineered for both casual walking and high-performance walking adventures, prioritizing maximum comfort and unparalleled performance.


Step into a world of lightweight stability and groundbreaking technology with our range of ladies' walking shoes, where premium cushioning and comfort are non-negotiable. With RE-ZORB® responsive cushioning at their core, our best women's shoes for walking offer unrivaled shock absorption and impact protection, ensuring each stride feels effortless and supported. From the park to the pavement, these comfortable walking shoes for women effortlessly blend style and performance, empowering you to not only look but also feel your absolute best as you conquer each step with confidence.


What to look for in Walking Shoes?

When looking for the best walking shoes you should focus on the below components:

  • Fit: The heel counter on your walking shoes should hold your heel comfortably with minimal heel slipping or side to side movement. The toe box should allow for your toes to wiggle and bend freely.
  • Cushion: The midsole is one of the most critical components of the best walking shoes. It should be soft enough to absorb each step with flexibility but hard enough to give you the support you need so you won’t pronate/supinate. The insole should be supportive through the arch area, while offering additional cushioning with each step.
  • Design: The upper of your walking shoes should be breathable so your feet do not sweat, helping cool off your feet while walking. The lacing should be the length down your foot to allow for tightening and loosening of the upper.


What sneakers are good for walking all day?

  • If you're on your feet all day, you should look for a walking shoe with a cushioned sole. This will help absorb the impact of all that walking and keep your joints feeling good.
  • Arch support is another important feature to look for. This will help keep your foot stable and help to prevent any potential injuries.
  • Breathable upper materials such as mesh are also a must-have to keep your feet feeling their best. A soft and flexible sole will also ensure that you can walk all day in comfort.
  • Ryka offers a wide selection of walking shoes made for women so that you can find what works best for you.


How many miles should a walking shoe last?

  • Walking shoes should last 400-600 miles. It is best to replace your walking shoes after this number of miles.


What are the most comfortable sneakers for walking?

There are a few key features to look for in a walking sneaker to ensure the most comfortable and supportive fit:

  • First, you'll want to find a shoe that has a cushioned sole, because this will help absorb shock and reduce the impact on your joints while walking.
  • Another important feature to look for is a good arch support, as this will help stabilize your foot and reduce the risk of potential injury.

Ryka carries a wide selection of women's walking shoes that cater to the specific needs of women. The Ryka Devotion X Walking Shoe and Ryka Activate Walking Shoe are some of our most popular choices.


What is the best heel to toe drop for walking shoes?

  • The optimal heel to toe drop for walking shoes is 8-12mm.


Made for Women:

Ryka is proud to be the first brand ever to create athletic shoes with comfort technology specifically for a woman’s unique foot shape, muscle movement and build. Ryka shoes are designed with a wider forefoot for extra stability, a narrower heel for a more secure fit, shock absorption meticulously tested for more bounce, flexibility & energy return as well as a contoured flexible cushioning that has been fine-tuned for a woman’s body weight. We know that women need the right stability and support to enhance performance and minimize the risk of injury, so that’s why Ryka is still the only athletic shoe company solely dedicated to women; because our feet are different than his. Check out our About Us page to learn more!