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Get cozy in sporty Rykä boots with our signature Made for Women fit. Plush linings, water-repellant fabrics, and cozy materials give these boots must-have status with the temperatures drop. Sporty silhouettes and fashionable style make these boots the perfect shoes for going to and from the gym, running around town, or just staying in. Plus, every pair of Rykä footwear is made with a woman’s unique needs in mind, with a narrower heel, roomier forefoot, increased step volume, and a more secure footbed – because your feet are different than his.


Rykä's selection of sporty sneaker boots for women offer a perfect mix of fashion and function. Whether you're looking to rock some comfortable yet trendy sneaker boots to the grocery store, or planning on taking a hike on your favorite trail, we have you covered with our women's sneaker boots. Or, if you're looking to add a little pizazz to your closet, we recommend checking out our sneaker wedge boots which provide that little extra touch of style to any look; we like to call it casual chic. From sporty sneaker boots to stylish wedge boots, Rykä has your back with our made for women fit.


What boots are in style for 2024?

Curious what's hot in the world of boots for 2024? Ryka is here to fill you in!

  • Chunky boots are trending hot and are perfect for making a style statement. This trend comes in all sorts of styles, from sneaker boots to hiking boots.. they're sure to be a style staple this year.
  • Another trend that's making a comeback is the wedge boot. Wedge booties are perfect for adding that touch of style to any outfit, and the best part? They offer a little bit of height without sacrificing our favorite thing: comfort.

Ryka has a wide selection of trending boot styles made to fit the lifestyle of every woman. The Vera Wedge Boot and Kenai Mid Top Hiker are some of the most popular choices among our customers.


What are the most comfortable boots?

On the hunt for the most comfortable boots for women? Look no further!

  • When it comes to comfort, you'll want to find a boot that has a cushioned sole and good arch support. Ryka has you covered, our boots are designed to help absorb shock and take the pressure off your joints while walking.
  • Breathable upper materials such as leather and suede are also a must-have to keep your feet feeling their best. You'll want to look for boots with a soft and flexible sole to ensure you can wear them all day long.

Ryka caters to the specific needs of women, and has a wide range of boots designed for the perfect fit.  Check out our selection of women's boots specifically designed for comfort, support and durability. Happy shopping!


What are the warmest boots for winter?

Looking for the warmest boots to tackle that winter weather? You've come to the right place!

  • When it comes to keeping your feet warm, insulation is key. Look for boots that have a thick layer of insulation to keep your toes cozy.
  • Another important factor is weatherproofing, as it will help keep your feet dry and warm even in slushy or wet conditions.

Ryka has a perfect selection of warm and weatherproof boots for winter.