WE ARE A FEARLESS TRIBE OF WOMEN who want better. And we want it now. From the very first shoe we created, we've refused to settle for anything less than athletic shoes engineered exclusively for women. RYKÄ fEMPOWER is our elite collection of athletic footwear designed so you can live out loud and feel your fierce. Because when women come together, THERE'S NO STOPPING US.

Ryka Fempower featuring Diffuse and Momentum Close Up
Ryka Fempower featuring Diffuse and Momentum Close Up

Because we refuse to settle for anything less than an athletic shoe made just for us. Our signature Made for Women fit is customized to fit the shape of a woman’s foot perfectly—with a narrower heel, roomier toe, and softer foot cushioning for unsurpassed fit, comfort, cushioning and impact control.

We’re all about that latest in performance innovation, including RE-ZORB® responsive cushioning for impact protection and shock absorption, anatomical insoles with extra arch and heel support, and ultra-lightweight constructions.

Our most premium materials ever: custom-designed stretch knits with luxe details and pillow-soft microfiber linings made to last.
Ryka Fempower


Unleash your power. Feel your fierce.
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