Made for women. Made for more.

We are a fearless tribe of women who want better. And we want it now. Thirty years ago, we took a stand and dared to do things differently. To give women athletic shoes engineered exclusively for us. We’re talking shoes made specifically for a woman’s unique foot shape, muscle movement and build, not just a sized down version of a man’s shoe. (It’s pretty powerful stuff.)

What started with a shoe has become a mantra uniting women everywhere. A Made for Women movement, where our individuality is rightfully celebrated and actions speak louder than words. Because women deserve better. Better shoes, better rights, a better world. Our resolve is stronger than ever to create shoes that keep breaking the mold. Shoes that stand for change. We know the power of our female tribe. It’s an unstoppable force that moves us with every step, every shoe. Because when women come together, we will change the world.



Rykä knows that a woman’s foot shape, muscle movement and build are all inherently different from a man’s. The "Q-angle"(quadricep angle)--the anatomical relationship between the hip and knee--measures 5-7 degrees greater for women than men. As a result, we tend to shift more weight to the outside of our feet, which leads to instability at foot strike and higher risk of injury.

Our design philosophy integrates all of our technologies into one of the most researched, women-specific fits in the industry. A complete footwear solution customized to fit the shape of a woman’s foot perfectly--with a narrower heel, roomier forefoot, increased instep volume and a more secure footbed. The result is footwear engineered to address our unique biomechanics for unsurpassed fit, comfort, cushioning and control.


We are stronger together than we are apart. Rykä believes that a woman’s participation in fitness programs builds and strengthens her self-esteem and confidence. With this in mind, we support fitness industry professionals through our Rykä FIT program and alliances with various fitness groups like Jazzercise, Curves and R.I.P.P.E.D.

We also create community and share inspiration and support on social @Ryka. Join our tribe: #RykaTribe.